Science And Technology Influence on Our Daily Lives

Science and Technology influences

Human beings are to the intellectual economy times stride. In the era of knowledge economy, science and technology will be promoting the development of society’s first power. Along with the development of modern science and technology and in microelectronics, information, biological, aerospace, new energy and new materials as a representative of a large number of high technology and booming rise, change the human economic structure and mode of production, to the mankind tremendous benefits, make our life will be more and more exciting.

In the 21 st century the biggest impact on human life science and technology achievements have: computers, mobile phones, medical digital image technology (B to exceed, CT and nuclear magnetic resonance), broadband Internet access,Shaking concentrator credit card, satellite technology (weather forecast), highway, air conditioning and refrigeration technology, digital cameras, cars (rent, family) computer network to June of this year, China is now the Internet users has reached 123 million, which has 28 million users often use blog. In recent years, the Internet into campus, walked into the student life, and with its fast information, the novel form, rich content, strong to The Times, the general students drawn to the front of the computer, attracted to the network when its ramifications before the world, the Internet has become the students learn knowledge, and exchange ideas, entertainment important platform.

Positive effect:

  • the information technology education in our country in a surprise, to the foundation education reform and development brought the opportunity. Have it auxiliary teaching, which can create a with pictures, sound and color, vivid lifelike teaching environment. It will completely change the traditional education teaching mode, let teachers from heavy repeatability labor liberated. At the same time, for the teachers and students, between students between provides a two-way, equal exchange platform. It makes teachers, more the student main body around common problems between collaboration. Discussion and dialogue possible, also make between the teacher and students individualized teaching and learning to be possible. Promote the teaching target by “teach them to fish” to “teach them to fish” transformation. Multimedia network teaching through the figure, the article. The information such as the like, image, specific to impart knowledge and performance teaching contents. Means intuitive novel, and greatly expand time-space range, help students to accept and its rise to rational knowledge. And the teaching effect greatly improved. In the network environment. The students in a loose, open learning environment, teaching mode. And the traditional teaching of “all follow teachers to go” compared with patterns produced very big change. More is adopt independent learning and cooperative learning.
  • network expand the field of vision, change the student interpersonal relationships. Enter the world of the Internet, appear in the eyes of the youth group is rich and colorful temptations of the world. In the online can and unknown person open, frankly exchanges; Can’t scruple comments;Shaking concentrator,Vibrating screen and other machines are the stone crushing equipment, Can get any want to know the information; The latest news and current affairs, natural mystery, cultural history, military medicine, etc; Announced in advance can need in the life long to the secret of the rings were announced. With people is the needs of children and youth, but in the real life of interaction may bring them pressure. And network of virtual space will give them a relatively easy environment. Network meet the hope equality with people, seek to understand and respect. Self awareness, independent consciousness of high students’ psychological. The space of human equality, personal identity of unreal (you can in any identity and gender appear) let the weak in real life (result is bad,
  • Clinker rotary kiln,Raymond mill,Raymond mill and other machines are the main ore dressing equipment on the market. not be the teacher get attention, respect students find confidence, a positive and respect, get back to the life confidence. On the Internet, with the opposite sex. Communication can need not face to face, already out of the reality of the embarrassed and ashamed, and save by teachers, parents find and bring trouble. Face the family “competitive”Vibrating screen,Clinker rotary kiln and other machines are the sand making equipment,, “and female ChengFeng” high expectations, facing the school high test scores pressure of study, the network has become middle school students from burden and pressure “bomb shelter,” one of the academic and psychological pressure release burden the spirit of paradise.


Science and Technology influences

  • recently the emerging network communication “blog” is very beneficial to the healthy growth of the college students. Young people are always full of the passion for life is also growing pains trouble. Everywhere we often choose express will lawsuit in the words. “Blog” is such a platform, you can put it as your diary book, but you don’t have to worry about this “diary” in the content will be you don’t want him/her to see people see. At the same time if you want to look for a person to pour out but not object, or embarrassed to actively seek object, “blog” can also help to you. As long as you have to express the feelings of release, whether anonymous or not anonymous, may draw many listeners. “they will comfort you, for you plan plan; they may also and has since become a faithful reader of you and your friends.” Blog “can ease the pain of heart you, let you feel the way life other than your own and many fellow travelers. Recent domestic surges on a wave of psychological health of college students, universities and the relevant departments have set up all kinds of university students’ psychological problems to solve the facilities, primarily for college students to help solve the problem set and the agency. In my opinion, establish a psychological blog is a very effective to solve the problem of university students’ psychological means. If in the establishment of psychological doctor, many college students often out of the personal privacy protection, don’t want to show one’s face in public for help, such psychological doctor eroded……. But the establishment of psychological blog words, not only solved the problem of the protection of privacy, the student’s own problems can also be more early psychological doctor to help solve that as early as possible. This can be a very good prevent tragedy, is also a kind of social resources to save.

Negative effects:

Science and technology are a “double-edged sword”. It promotes material civilization and spiritual civilization and progress at the same time, will bring us some uncomfortable questions.

  1. the network is a treasure trove of information, and at the same time is also an information dump. Different cultural forms, concept on the network or blend or conflict. Useful and useless, right and wrong, advanced and backward, economic information and all kinds of yellow. Violence information mixed together, making the network as the kaleidoscope of the information. The spread of network biphasic, the public’s main body status be reflected, teachers and parents on the control greatly abate. Some students often out of curiosity or psychological impulse to seek for some sex, violence or negative detestable