5 Technology Trends that Will Dominate the Consumer Electronics Market in Coming Years

consumer electronics industry

Technology is evolving at a blitzkrieg pace and considering the innovations that we are witnessing every day, it won’t be incorrect to conclude that the future will be quite disruptive, to say the least.

Let us examine the biggest tech trends that will set the pace for the Consumer Electronics Market in the coming five years and how that is going to change our lives?

One Device – Multiple Functionalities

The gadgets of the future will be multi-functional and all in one. A refrigerator will be used to book a Taxi. Similarly, a TV will be used as a photo frame. Product and technology innovations of the future will not only make life easier. But will also be minimalist in form and essence. No one likes a house filled with multiple gadgets. Everyone prefers a sleek beautifully designed gadget that can function in multiple ways and provide solutions, apart from what the product is actually meant for.

IoT and Digital Centralization

Devices of the future will not only be inter-connected but will also interact with each other. Thanks to the Internet of things. IoT has helped modern families simplify daily life. IoT has become a vital part of Samsung’s vision for a connected living. A vision that’s not reflective of some far-off future. But ready to be plugged into consumers’ homes right now. Digital Centralization has given households the ability to seamlessly monitor and control, via a single app.  The wide and ever-growing range of products and services that are compatible with the IoT platform.

IoT interactions will be natural, and our smart devices will be so seamlessly woven into the fabric of our lives. That we’ll spend less time managing them and more time enjoying our day. Everything – from devices to appliances will be connected. And one can manage everything with one single device- may be just your smartphone.

Energy Efficient Products

With rising concerns over carbon emissions and wasteful energy consumption, energy efficiency has become a critical area of focus. As a result, manufacturers are beginning to develop green and efficient technologies and are redesigning their product offerings to decrease running costs, with a focus on environmental sustainability. Energy efficient products not only help individuals save money but also are environment friendly.

consumer electronics industry

Big Screens

Televisions have evolved over the years to offer consumers an outstanding viewing experience while acting as a centralized connected smart hub to enhance everyday life. Ultra-wide screens fully immerse the user in gameplay, delivering cinematic viewing for all types of content. Additionally, the bezel-less designs remove limitations to screen size and make it difficult to tell where the screen ends and the wall begins. Displays are getting, bigger, brighter, clearer and more lifelike.

Personal Assistants

CES 2018 showcased that the connecting thread linking the whole wide range of consumer electronic products and services showcased at this year’s event is “connection” itself. With the advent of IoT, VR and AI, intelligent assistants are playing a key role in streamlining consumer experience. An assistant that controls and commands all the devices as per the consumers’ requirements is what all ‘Smart homes’ aspire to offer. Most voice assistants today are limited to phones. But Bixby might be a part of more than just your phone. Samsung plans to incorporate this tech into other technologies like televisions, and even refrigerators in the coming years. And offering users a simple, personalized platform to help them fully utilize this expansive IoT device network are personal assistants, making it easy to manage these devices in ways that work for you.

Technology, as it does to everything it touches, is surely bringing about paradigm shifts in the way we lead our lives and looking at these trends, one can be rest assured that the world will see several disruptions and innovations in the said domain.