Things You Need To Do To Maintain Your PMP Certification

PMP Certification

Obtaining a PMP certification is a big feet by itself. However, if you cannot keep your certification, all of your effort goes to waste!

Being a Project Management Software Professional isn’t a few just passing test you have to be mixed up in field to retain your credentials like a PMP. This will make PMP certification even more unique and engaging.

Should you desired to understand how to keep your PMP certification , you’ll be able to find all of the information you need discussed below:

Steps needed a PMP Certification

A PMP certification credential applies for 3 years. This cycle starts your day you pass the PMP exam and ends after 3 years, that’s, the 3rd anniversary of the passing test.

You have to renew your certification each day prior to the third anniversary to keep the credentials. However, to be able to renew your certification, you have to fulfill some needs. That’s, through the finish from the first CCR cycle, you have to earn no less than 60 PDUs to resume the certificate.

What’s PDU?

PDU means Professional Development units. The unit represent the hrs spent in mastering, volunteering and teaching others, where each unit means one hour.

You have to gain PDUs, track them and keep them within a CCR cycle a PMP certificate.

How you can earn PDUs?

You are able to be a part of 2 kinds of development activities to earn PDUs: Educational and providing Back.

Educational activities are individuals which let you learn and gain in understanding. Giving back activities are individuals that provide an chance to talk about your understanding and experience.

You have to earn no more than 35 Educational PDUs and no more than 25 Giving Back PDUs, making as many as 60 PDUs in every CCR cycle.

Educational PDUs

Probably the most preferred skills that your project management software professional should possess are technical understanding, leadership, and proper and business management. These 3 skills from the PMI Talent Triangular.

The PMI Talent Triangular includes 3 competencies which offer you educational PDUs that comprise 60% of the total PDUs.

Technical project management software

Technical project management software includes understanding in regards to a particular field of project, program and portfolio management. An expert must earn no less than 8 PDUs within this competency.


An expert should possess Leadership and behavior skills that will help him lead a task to the effective completion. An expert must earn 8 minimum PDUs in leadership.

Proper and business management

The understanding, skills, and expertise needed to provide better leads to a company or industry come under Proper and business management competency. An expert must earn no less than 8 PDUs within this skill.

The rest of the educational PDUs might be earned under any competency from the PMI Talent triangular.

Giving Back PDUs

The Giving Back PDUs are earned by adding your understanding like a project management software professional, volunteering, along with other such activities.

This is how you can generate PDUs by providing to society:

  • Practicing professional project management software: This should help you earn no more than 8 PDUs
  • Volunteering: You can generate the rest of the PDUs through this activity

Record your activities

Earning PDUs isn’t enough you have to conserve a record to demonstrate your development. The simplest way to record your activities is thru the internet CCR System.

PMP Certification

Why add PMP Certification for your set of skills?

Why must one undergo a lot trouble simply to maintain his PMP certification? Let’s know how a PMP certification benefits your job:

Zinc heightens your credibility

A PMP certification sets you aside from others and enhances your credibility. Getting a PMP certificate implies you have better project management software skills and understanding and employers will probably hire you to do the job.

Offers better salaries

The Ninth Edition Salary Survey conducted by PMI demonstrated that professionals holding a PMP certification get compensated typically 20% greater salaries than individuals without PMP certification.

Better Job Possibilities

The PMP certification is globally recognized and valued, and famous companies all across the globe prefer PMP certified professionals. This gives better job possibilities to experts who hold a PMP certification.

Enables you to more ingenious

Whenever you register yourself for PMI membership and be PMP certified, you make contact with other experts who are PMP certified around the world. You develop systems and connections with your professionals also it enables you to more ingenious.


The requirement for PMP certified professionals reaches a continuing rise and firms want to actually stick with them which help their organization grow. This provides PMP certified professionals better employment than other professionals.

Final Words

If you wish to keep your PMP certification and produce PDUs, consider getting involved in online project management software courses and training.

Keep your PMP certification and revel in a effective career like a project manager!