Meaning & Nature of your education


Concept of Education

Education is carefully associated with civilization and progress. And it has a big impact on human existence. Therefore, being a key point in existence activity education can also be greatly affected by philosophy.

Different fields of philosophy i.e. social philosophy and economic philosophy and also have great affect on issues related to education like educational procedures, planning, policies and it is implementation, from both theoretical and practical aspects.

Etymologically, the term education comes from educare (Latin) “bring up”, which relates to educere “bring out”, “bring forth what’s within”, “bring out potential” and educere, “to lead”.

Webster defines education as the entire process of educating or teaching. Educate is further understood to be “to get the understanding, skill, or character of…” Thus, from aforesaid definitions, we might think that the objective of education would be to get the understanding, skill and character of scholars.

Definitions of your practice

The Western philosophers have defined the training as under:-

1. Socrates:

“Education means the getting from the ideas of universal validity that are latent within the mind of each and every man”.

2. Plato:

“Education is the ability to feel pleasure and discomfort in the right moment. It develops in your body as well as in the soul from the pupil all of the beauty and all sorts of perfection that they is capable of doing.”

3. Aristotle:

“Education is the development of a seem mind inside a seem body. It develops man’s faculty, especially his mind to ensure that he might be able to benefit from the contemplation of supreme truth, goodness and sweetness which perfect happiness basically consists.

4. Rousseau:

“Education of individual commences at his birth before he is able to speak. Before he is able to understand he’s already instructed. Experience may be the forerunner from the perfect”.


Nature of your practice:.

Because the concept of education, so its nature that is very complex. The natures of your practice are:

(a) Education is existence-lengthy process.

Education is existence lengthy process because every stage of existence of the person is important from educational point.

(b) Education is really a systematic process.

It describes transact its activities via a systematic institution and regulation.

(c) Education is the introduction of individual and also the society.

It’s known as a pressure for social development, that can bring improvement in every facet of the society.

(d) Education is modification of behavior.

The educational process, improved and modified the human behaviour.

(e) Education is really a training.

Human senses, mind, behavior, activities skills are been trained in a constructive and socially desirable way.

(f) Education is instruction and direction- It directs and instructs a person to satisfy his as well as for exaltation of his whole personality.

(g) Education is existence- Existence without education is meaningless and such as the existence of the animal. All facets and incident needs education because of its seem development.

(h) Education is really a continuous renovation in our encounters- As reported by the meaning of John Dewey, education reconstructs and remodels our encounters towards socially desirable way.

(i) Education is really a power and treasure within the individual by which he’s titled because the supreme master on earth.

Therefore, the function of your practice is numerous for any perfect society and man. It’s important for each society and nation to create holistic happiness and success to the individuals.