Family Home
Five Questions To Ask Before You Buy The Family Home

For most people, a home is the biggest asset they acquire during a marriage. That also means in a divorce, a home can produce the biggest headaches when it comes to deciding what belongs to whom. There are emotional attachments to deal with, and if children are involved, consideration must be given to whether or […]

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Yes, You Can Likely Tolerate More Risk

Before you make an investment, you know you should weigh the pros and cons of it as well as assess its overall risk. But how does one adequately measure risk? If you do a search on Google for “risk tolerance,” you’ll find a variety of definitions and calculators. But the reality is that the idea […]

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What Will The Next ‘Halving’ Mean For The Price Of Bitcoin?

On May 20, 2020, an event will take place that could change the value of bitcoin forever. Yet, even with increased public awareness and media attention around bitcoin, it’s an event that few are talking about or understand — despite the fact that it’s already happened twice before. I’m talking about the next “Halving.” Today […]

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Financial Success
How To Set Your Medical Practice Up For Financial Success

Starting a medical practice can be like playing the roulette table in Las Vegas. What little revenue stream you have still runs the risk of getting denied by insurance. I learned this struggle firsthand as the chief financial officer for a startup. The business needed to scale to earn revenue to make its payroll, and […]

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refinance Market
LendingClub Looks To Disrupt Auto refinance Market

A series of interviews with innovators operating at the intersection of consumer behavior trends and business transformation: Todd Denbo, SVP and GM of Auto at LendingClub. Bruce Rogers: Purchases are down this year and the mix of vehicles people want has shifted to trucks and SUVs. What are the other long-term trends for the auto […]

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Rewards Credit Card
Seven Factors To Consider A New Reward Credit Cards

Looking to open a new credit cards that lets you earn rewards? It might take you a while to comb through your options: There are countless types of reward systems, from simple cash back, to airline miles and hotel stays, to points that can be redeemed for all kinds of gift cards and goodies. If […]

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Health And Fitness
Using Technology To Get Yourself Healthy And Fit

It’s that time of the year again where New Year’s Resolutions are to get healthy, get in shape and lose weight which means that the gyms will be packed- at least for the next couple weeks. But with technology and AI taking over much of our lives it leaves the question: Are gym memberships necessary […]

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fitness goals
Summer is the best time to set new fitness goals

New Year’s resolutions that focus on exercise usually fizzle out by spring. Here’s how (and why) to change your approach while the days are longest. It’s said that beach bodies are made in the winter, but that’s only true in practice for a handful of people. Many of us set ambitious exercise goals after New […]

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Intermittent fasting boosts health by strengthening daily rhythms

Various versions of the intermittent fasting diet appear to have weight loss benefits. A new study investigating why they work concludes that circadian rhythms are key. Intermittent fasting has become popular, but how does it work? While the modern world appears awash with fad diets, people seem to be giving a fair bit of attention […]

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Fitness and lifespan: Is too much exercise harmful?

A new, large-scale study finds that even extreme levels of fitness increase lifespan — particularly in older people. Exercise is widely considered to benefit health, but is there such a thing as too much exercise? Some recent studies suggest so. For instance, 90 minutes of exercise every day improves mental health, but anything over this […]

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